The admissions are now open for all students. Please check your eligibility, and follow the instructions and fill the online form. The printed copy of the filled admission form and the other documents as mentioned on the website must be submitted at the Hostel Office in working hours on or before 15th September¬†22nd ¬†September 2023. […]

Memories, Marvels & Mridang

Remnants of 2019, Riches of 2020, Radiance of 2021 “Some journeys are beautiful than the destination.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Geetanjali Hostel vibrantly abodes budding aspirations by the day and merry chitter chatter by the night. It provides residents a constantly evolving environment honing their interpersonal skills through a string of events placed round the year. […]

Religion: a tool to find answers

In philosophy, a belief is generally defined as an attitude towards a proposition (a propositional attitude). An attitude is a psychological state of mind or disposition (like: love, hope, fear etc.). So as propositional attitude, a belief is not isolatable. It is constructed based on a complex support system, an individual is born in. General […]