Facilities at the Hostel

  • Double-occupancy rooms with racks, clothes rack, bed, study table and shared almirah
  • Common washroom area with multiple units
  • Laundry Room: The Hostel has three automatic washing machines operated by an attendant.
  • Detergent is provided by the hostel on payment as per usage
  • Common Room with TV
  • Gym equipment
  • Reading Room Space and Library
  • Space with few computers and tables , books and seating arrangement for reading and using laptops (with charging points)
  • University-managed internet service
  • Shared Refrigerators
  • Shared Microwave
  • Hostel managed reverse-osmosis purified drinking water supply
  • Hostel managed geysers in the winters
  • Induction stove on each floor
  • Air-conditioned Visitor’s Room
  • Large Music system available for being issued for events within hostel
  • Green area in the front with seating arrangement and swings, and at the back
  • Basic medicine and tie-up with WUS, Health Centre on campus
  • Campus has an IndiaPost post office, a branch and an ATM of the State Bank of India


University of Delhi, South Campus has a branch of the State Bank of India in its premises.

All official business of the hostel is transacted through this branch, which also provides banking facilities to students, teachers and other employees.

There is an ATM facility available adjoining the bank.

Health Centre

The residents of the hostel are members of the World University Service of South Campus Health Centre, maintained by the University. The Centre’s facilities are open at fixed timings notified by the Centre. In case of illness, residents should contact the Health Centre for assistance. When the Health Centre is closed, the residents are advised to contact the Senior Medical Officer or other sources of assistance through the Provost, Warden and Resident Tutor. Health Centre membership forms are to be filled in at the time of admission to the Hostel.

Any case of illness should be immediately reported to the authorities, a first aid box and basic medicines are available in the Hostel.


An IndiaPost post office with facilities for booking  Registered articles, Parcel, Money Order, Speed Post, Savings Bank, Savings
Certificate, Indian Postal Order, Postal Life Insurance and all kinds of fixed deposit schemes facilities is available in the campus.

The post office is situated near the main gate.

Shopping Nearby

South Motibagh, Nanakpura, and Satyaniketan have the nearest markets covering daily essentials. RK Puram Sector 8 market (~3 km away) is also easily accessible.

Sarojini Nagar market (~5 km away) is a very popular shopping area for apparels.

Nearest Delhi Metro

The nearest station on the Delhi Metro network is Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus on the Pink Line. The station also has a skyway to Airport (Orange) line.

Other lines on the Delhi Metro network are accessible through various interchanges.